Frizzante is an Italian term describing a lightly sparkling drink.

The natural sparkle is added to the drink by means of a second fermentation process. There are various ways in which this can be done, including Méthode Charmat. Where the second fermentation takes place in a sealed pressure tank, creating a lovely, high-quality sparkle.


Canei Frizzante Originale is naturally produced according to this ‘Méthode Charmat’, without addition of carbonic acid. The Italian grape blend spends exactly the right amount of time in the pressure tank to develop a fresh, refined sparkle under a pressure of up to 2.5 bar. This means that every bottle of Canei is guaranteed to produce an elegant sparkle that glistens in your glass. Created with passion and pure craftsmanship. Inspired by the gentle breeze and rolling hills of Northern Italy.

Four flavour sensations

Canei Frizzante Originale comes in four delightful flavour sensations:

Bianco Fresco

Fresh White

Frutti di Bosco

Forest Fruit

Pesca Gustosa

Tasty Peach

Pompelmo Rosa

Pink Grapefruit