The Beginning

Hand it over to an Italian to make an exciting wine like Canei. In 1975 Italian wine maker Francesco Paschina stepped down from the traditional winemaking process. Francesco wanted to do something different, turn traditional wine into a groundbreaking new product. With Luigi Bosca, wine magician Francesco worked out his idea in Canelli in Piemonte, Italy. An area where many muscat grapes are grown, for instance for the Asti Spumante. There arose the idea of creating an accessible wine that would be so fresh and bubbly, that people from all over the world would love. He took the muscat grape as a base and added natural aroma’s and a light bubble. The result: a Frizzante wine with a low alcohol percentage, a subtle bubble and a delicate sweet taste. Canei was born.

The success

Canei became populair in no time, because the wine was sweeter than many other wines and because of its low alcohol percentage. Forty years later Canei is famous and loved through all over the World. That specific bottle was the beginning of Canei and the 15 sparkling flavours we now have in our range. Next to the Frizzante Wines, white and rosé, we also have fruity Frizini’s in different flavours in our range such as Apple, Forest Fruit, Mango, Peach, Pear, Strawberry and since last year a surprising new wine cocktail Hugo.

The Future

To Canei’s enormous success the striking elegant bottle with the long slender neck also also played a big part. Although the look of our bottle has had a lot of changes, the quality remained equally impeccable. And that’s what we promise for the future. And we’re still pretty exciting at Canei. Therefore, we are constantly innovating and keeping up with trends in the area of wine and wine cocktails. On our Facebook page you can follow us closely, see which new sparkling flavours we release and get inspired and surprised by other news involving Canei. But one thing’s for sure. Which flavour you pour, and wherever you are, Canei
makes every occasion a sparkling one!
Life sparkles! The Caneiteam